Account Management

Managing More Than 50+ Accounts in the Past Few Months

Where we have Turned our Client’s Account Investment- Small 200$ as well As Big 30k$  Into 2× , 3× , and 5× with our Best Trading Strategies and Team of Expert Traders.

We have successfully achieved substantial growth for our clients’ investment portfolios, both for small and large accounts. Through our exceptional trading strategies and the expertise of our team of professional traders, we have transformed initial investments as low as $200 into impressive returns of $30,000. Our strategies have consistently delivered multiplication factors of 2x, 3x, and even 5x, showcasing our ability to generate substantial profits for our clients. With our proven track record and dedication to excellence, we provide our clients with the opportunity to maximize their trading outcomes and achieve significant financial growth.

"Join our satisfied community of clients who have witnessed the advantages of our Forex account management services firsthand."

Account 400% Growth In Just 7 Days

We Provide Two Types of Account Management Services

  • Long Term Trading 
    $Includes Intraday and Swing Trading.
  • Short Term Trading 
    $Includes News Trading and Full margin Trading
High Flyer Trader

We Use Lot size According To Your Equity [Depends On Services You Choose]

Results of 3 Different types of Trading Styles

  • Trading Style #1

Best Swing and intraday Trading With Proper Money and Risk Management

High Flyer Trader
  • Trading Style #2

Full Margin Trading

High Flyer Trader
  • Trading Style #3

News Trading

High Flyer Trader

Our Track Record

10k$ Coverted to 20k$ With Our News Trading Strategy

Trading On 40k$ Account With Our Best Strategies

1138$ Converted into 4380$ In Just 15 Days

Swing Trading 25% Returns *In Just 2 Trades

5k$ Account Converted Into 21k$ With Full Margin Trading

BTCUSD Swing Trading 100% Returns

100$ Converted Into 188$ In Just 7 Days

Intraday 195$ Profit Booked

500$ Conversation Into 1000$ In Just 1 Month With Small Lotsize

100$ Converted Into 459$ In Just 7 Days

159$ Profit Booked In Just 7 Days In 500$ Account

199$ Converted into 491$ In Just 2 Days

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